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In essentia

Argentiera is a magical place lying at the Southern tip of the Castagneto Carducci area, cradle of the Bolgheri doc denomination.

The estate enjoys a privileged site, with its vineyards lying close to the shore yet at some of the highest elevations in the denomination, where sunlight, marine breezes, and views out over the Tyrrhenian Sea meld together into a limitless landscape of magnificent elements.

An enchanted creation of nature, where the distinctive characteristics of each vineyard find their most harmonious and effective expression.

An ambitious venture in Bolgheri

The name Argentiera derives from ancient silver mines, whose traces are preserved by the history ’s pen since the Etruscans. The Etruscan civilisation developed the peninsula’s first metallurgy, and their far-trading ships brought the art of metalworking to the remote corners of the flourishing archaic Greek settlements.

From its walls one can admire the clean-edged contours of the coastline from Castiglioncello down to the Gulf of Baratti and gaze far out to sea towards the islands of the Arcipelago Toscano (Elba, Capraia, Gorgona), and even make out, on the clearest of days, the mountains of Corsica.

In equilibrium

The estate extends over 153 hectares and embraces a one-of-a-kind biodiversity, a fundamentally important biological mosaic that allows the vineyards to flourish to their optimum extent, protected from insects, harmful animals, and climate-change stress.

The chequered plots of Mediterranean scrub create expansive corridors for sea breezes that blow through the entire year, ensuring dry, mild weather.

These winds, combined with significant day-night temperature differentials during the ripening period, are, in fact, one of Argentiera’s most valuable natural resources. The arrangement of the vineyards in the shape of an open conch facing the sea, designed to gather its reflected sunlight, contributes an essential component of this exceptional meso-climate, without peer in the Bolgheri area.

The 85 hectares of estate vineyards are sub-divided into four clearly-defined viticultural areas, each featuring quite different geo-morphologic complexes.

A rich wealth of heritage trees

The entire ecosystem is surrounded by a plethora of trees.

Ancient oaks watch over the vineyards, and the wonder of the Viale dei Pini accompanies the silent aura of the entire landscape. The surrounding woods act as a green lung that continuously releases oxygen. This canopy of branches, trunks, and roots represents one of Argentiera’s treasures, benefiting the entire territory

Striving for excellence

Argentiera’s team have achieved over time a deep, long-matured understanding of the life cycles of the estate’s entire ecosystem, and they have thus developed an agronomic and winemaking vision that ensures space for the primordial, uninterruptable breathing of the earth.

In addition to science, research, and professional training, the team relies on an ancient “sixth sense” rooted in the human psyche and directed at understanding nature and its actions, just as a sailor observing the sea knows precisely when to take the right decision.

The four identities of Argentiera

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