Vineyards & Terroir

Argentiera wave

Seventy-five hectares planted to vineyards bordered by avenues of ancient maritime pine and olive trees, a portion of what was once the immense Tenimento di Donoratico, a former feudal possession of the Florentine Serristori family.

Prestigious vineyards caressed by gentle breezes and winds from the sea rise between the mainland and the beach in an enchanting symphony of colors and scents. Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Syrah, and Petit Verdot are found here, invigorated by the inimitable climatic and organic alchemy of the soil.

A happy union between the quality of the grapes and the work of the best winemakers gives way to Argentiera’s magnificent red wines, all bearing the DOC Bolgheri denomination: Argentiera, Villa Donoratico, Poggio ai Ginepri as well as three prestigious Cru wines: Giorgio Bartholomaus, Opheliah Maria and Lavinia Maria.

Argentiera - 220 m asl


This plot was planted to vine in 2000, and is the estate’s largest sub-zone. In fact, it has a lot of soil heterogeneity ranging from clay areas with galestro and schist, to more calcareous and stony parts, down to the sandy, lower portions. The peculiarity is in the exposure: the vineyards line a ridge sheltered by the forest that faces the sea to the east. This guarantees a continuous movement of winds coming from the coast, which allows for airiness and an average temperature 2° less than the lower-lying areas.

Ginestre - 180 m asl


Rising around the winery, the Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc here is sheltered from the forest and overlooks the sea – a truly unique habitat. The soil is very rich in minerals and pebbles with a silky and tufaceous grainy structure. It’s not very fertile, so the vines push their roots deep in search of necessary nutrients.

Ventaglio - 120 m asl


Just 2 km from the sea, it takes its name from the particular arrangement of the rows, which develop like a fan around the small ridge. 1.2 hectares are planted in Cabernet Franc that benefit from the nature of calcareous soils, thus producing powerful but fresh wines with a marked acidity.

Villa - 100 m asl


This plot is home to our vineyards, and has a northern exposure. The lower areas are characterized by sandy soils while climbing towards the top of the hill, the soils become very stony and deep with an excellent ability to produce quality grapes.

Poggio ai Ginepri - 80 m asl

Poggio ai Ginepri

Just 1 km from the sea, this plot is located in a flatter area; a terroir that greatly benefits from the proximity to the sea. The soil is predominantly sandy, thus it maintains heat and is well ventilated with a great capacity for drainage.